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I focus on patterns of intergenerational trauma, especially how they reveal themselves in interpersonal relationships.

Many of us can recognize patterns of our behavior that were previously helpful but now get in the way of the kinds of relationships we want. In many ways navigating difficult circumstances allowed us to survive or even thrive, however the ways we find now to cope don’t benefit us in the long run. The ways these interactions show up can surprise us at times, because while our lives can feel full and abundant, there can also be a flip side of sadness, resentment, and worry.

Beginning to nurture ourselves from a holistic perspective and taking an inventory of all the different parts of ourselves gives us the ability to have compassion ourselves and others. We're then able to make new choices in difficult areas of our lives and have more clarity and awareness. We can move forward more confidently knowing where we stand in various situations in our lives.

As a therapist, my role is to hold space for the different parts of your story, offer feedback and thoughts as needed,  and support you in the changes you choose or choose not to make. I believe that you have the inner resources that you need to find your way. My job is to support you in your process in getting there.



It can feel extremely powerless to feel like everything you’re doing to make it in your relationship -- talking more, talking to others, not talking at all -- doesn’t feel like it’s getting you to the place you want to be with the person you love. You may have had times when you felt like you were on exactly the same page, and then some days of distance turned into weeks and then months of years. You may even want to feel close to your partner again but it feels too difficult to approach, too hard to put into words.

Sometimes it takes a little help to jumpstart your relationship again. EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) is a particular perspective of couples therapy that helps couples explore their personal experiences -- the hurt, fear, and anger -- and be able to express that to their partner in a way that is connecting and helps them feel close. We track your negative cycle of interacting together, those fights you get into again and again, and help you create new interactions together. 

This work is not easy work but for many it is an investment into a relationship they want to be there for a long time. 

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